Transcript: Brad Keselowski Pit Road at Michigan

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Q. When you mentioned the multi-win per year thing on Saturday, I don’t think you thought it was coming this weekend, did you?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: You hope, right? Yeah, it seemed like most of the race the 19 and 11 car were just dominant. Right at the end we made some adjustments on both of our cars, found some speed. Chris was able to hold off Martin, running all of them down.

Really happy for all the folks at Castro, RFK. There’s a lot of work going on here. We’re digging deep, getting the results. I’m so thankful and proud for everyone at RFK.

Q. Seems to be a bit of a statement win for RFK, to be able to do it on a short track eight days ago, now a two-mile racetrack. Is RFK saying that we’re the best Ford team in the garage area?

BRAD KESELOWSKI: We’re letting our results speak for themselves. Chris has done a heck of a job driving the car. When you get win, it feels really good.

We got to keep some humbleness and keep our head down. There’s some great competition out here.

Q. Second most points earned for you. It was a big one.

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Yeah, I scored a lot of points. Obviously we want to win. The speed we showed at the end was enough to win the race, but at the beginning and early part of the race we were only really good enough to run 10th. We went for our points mode. The speed showed up. Dang, maybe we shouldn’t have gone for points. That’s part of how it always plays out.

All in all a really strong day for both teams at RFK. Really proud.

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