2022 Rookie of the Year Camrie Caruso Thoughts on First Year Campaign

photo by Gary Nastase/Auto Imagery

Camrie Caruso is a seasoned competitor but racing Pro Stock for the first time during the 2022 NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series was a whole new experience for the third generation drag racer. Over the course of the season Caruso experienced the usual highs and lows and she looks back and also forward to an even better 2023 season.

Looking ahead to next season how confident are you?

“I know what to expect now. And I’m not going to be as nervous. And we’re gonna go testing and build on what we already have. This season I learned something at every track and next year I will have a comfort level I didn’t have this year.”

Next year there will be a new facility with the return of Chicago. How do you feel about that?

“I’m excited. I’ve never raced Chicago before. I love going to new tracks. Chicago is a great market for our fans and our marketing partners. I am looking forward to racing there.”

There are a lot of young competitors in Pro Stock and in 2023 there could be some more new faces. How excited are you about the health of the category?

‘I think it makes it more special. And there’s more cars and people fighting for qualifying spots. You have to work for it, so it means more. I know that we’re going to have a race every round of qualifying. I take a lot of pride in the fact we qualified for every race this season with our Chevrolet Camaro Pro Stock car. I know it was great for our sponsors like Tequila Comisario, Powerbuilt Tools and Sand Haulers of America.”

Was there a moment that surprised you or that you didn’t expect to happen?

“I think if I had to pick a top three, it was qualifying number one in Houston, the final at Houston against Erica and qualifying at every race. I always thought that we could do it, but it’s a lot harder said than done. I look at the Houston race as a highlight but also something we want to do more of. I know we will have a team that can run at the top and win rounds.”

What was your favorite first-time racetrack this year?

“I liked Sonoma. You had the boardwalk in San Francisco. That was really cool and that facility was really nice.”

How did you like the Western Swing?

“It was surprising. I rode in the rig for the Western Swing. And I was like, ‘Oh, this is really far out there.’ Seeing that part of the country was cool and also spending time with my crew guys. I think stretches of races like the Western Swing make our sport really interesting.”

Can you compare your two races at Pomona?

“It was crazy. It was like two different seasons. The Winternationals was just a blur and then at the end of the season at the Auto Club Finals I couldn’t believe the season was over. I was way more comfortable at the last race of the season. It was also really neat to be presented with the Rookie of the Year trophy on Saturday.”

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