Ryan Blaney Pit Lane Interview Talladega

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Q. Ryan, you’ve watched the replay now. You saw how they came around the outside. Could you have thrown that block?

RYAN BLANEY: Yeah, I definitely thought about it. The second lane was kind of the strongest, like, definitely the second half of the race. I thought about it. But when you go to the middle and you don’t have a Ford or teammate behind you, your chances of getting split are just so high. 

As much as I trust Chase, I don’t trust him not to take me three-wide and leave me in the middle. I just chose to stay down in front of Michael and he was awesome at pushing me the last restart, giving me great shots. Just a little bit too late.

Maybe I could have faked the top, gone to the bottom on the front stretch. I don’t know if I would have got there anyway.

Overall not a bad day. I’m probably going to replay in my head five different things I could have done different, but overall not a bad day. Appreciate Menards, Dutch Boy, Ford for what they do.

Q. Highest non-winner in points. How does that feel going to the Roval?

RYAN BLANEY: I’m happy we’re in a decent spot on points, but we really want to win, though.

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