Ripple’s Auto Body Night Filled With Great Action At Macon Speedway

Macon IL Speedway

Nearly 100 cars were pitside for the Ripple’s Auto Body Open Wheel Extravaganza at Macon Speedway this past Saturday night. Joining the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midgets were the Built Ford Tough MOWA Sprint Cars for the top notch doubleheader. Three other classes also raced.

“The Dauminator” Zach Daum took all 25 laps in the MOWA Sprint Car feature on Saturday night. The driver from Pocahontas, IL., made quick work of the 18-car division and resisted the challenge from Slater Helt and Paul Nienhiser early and often. The win was the third by Daum at Macon Speedway in the MOWA series, the most by any MOWA driver.

Cannon McIntosh came to life midway through the race and made a pass for the lead for his second consecutive feature win of the POWRi Midgets at Macon Speedway. New Zealand racer Michael Pickens raced to second place. 

In the POWRi Micro Sprints series, Macon Speedway regular Daryn Stark flew across the top of the track to pass Jeremy Camp and get the win in the second half of the 20-lap race. Stark, a former track champion and one-time feature winner in 2022, came through the entire race from the top and ended up grabbing the checkered flag at the finish line. 

Taylorville, IL driver, Braden Johnson, who had won two out of the last three features at the track, took the lead on lap one from his second starting spot. Behind him, it was a battle of the Eller brothers, Colby and Curtis. As the two diced for second, it was Johnson pulling away out front. At the checkered, Johnson was followed to his fourth feature win by Colby Eller, Ryan Blair, Derek Smith, and Curtis Eller.

Springfield, IL veteran, Guy Taylor, continued his dominance in the DIRTcar Pro Mod division, leading every lap on his way to his eighth feature win of the season. While he checked out, the action from second on back was exciting with Dean Holt, Austin Seets, B.J. Deal, and others mixing it up. At the checkered, Taylor was followed by Seets, Deal, Adam Rhodes, and Zach Taylor.

Up next for Macon Speedway is the Diane Bennett Memorial on Saturday, August 6. Over $11,000 has already been collected and added to the purse for the six divisions in action. The Decatur Building Trades Big 10 Pro Late Models, Modifieds, DIRTcar Pro Mods, 51 Bistro Big 10 Street Stocks, DIRTcar Hornets, and HART Non-Wing Micros will be in action.

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Built Ford Tough MOWA Sprint Cars

1. 31-Zach Daum[Pocahontas, IL]; 2. 22S-Slater Helt[Harrisonville, MO]; 3. 44-Cory Bruns[Lincoln, IL]; 4. 71-Brent Crews[Denver, NC]; 5. 79J-Jacob Patton[Bethalto, IL]; 6. 6R-Ryan Bunton[Morton, IL]; 7. 7A-Will Armitage[Athens, IL]; 8. 42-Preston Perlmutter[San Antonio, TX]; 9. 9X-Paul Nienhiser[Chapin, IL]; 10. 10S-Jeremy Standridge[Springfield, IL]

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League

1. 08-Cannon McIntosh[Bixby, OK]; 2. 84-Jade Avedisian[Clovis, CA]; 3. 17-Michael Pickens[Auckland, NZ]; 4. 26-Chance Crum[Snohomish, WA]; 5. 01-Bryant Wiedeman[Colby, KS]; 6. 97-Brenham Crouch[Lubbock TX]; 7. 21K-Karter Sarff[Mason City, IL]; 8. 84X-Jesse Love[Redwood City, CA]; 9. 71K-Dominic Gorden[Clovis, CA]; 10. 25K-Taylor Reimer[Tulsa, OK]

POWRi Engler Machine & Tool Micros By Bailey Chassis

1. 55S-Daryn Stark[Springfield, IL]; 2. 23X-Jeremy Camp[Sullivan, IL]; 3. 65E-Chad Elliott[Cottage Hills, IL]; 4. 72-Zach Daum[Pocahontas, IL]; 5. 55H-Hayden Harvey[Warrensburg, IL]; 6. B8-John Barnard[Sherman, IL]; 7. 8W-Breanna Wirth[Waterloo, IL]; 8. 84-Carson Heady[Desloge, MO]; 9. 21-Aarik Andruskevitch[Riverton, IL]; 10. 83-Jeff Beasley[Urbana, IL]

Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Models

1. 14J-Braden Johnson[Taylorville, IL]; 2. 10C-Colby Eller[Taylorville, IL]; 3. 10CE-Ryan Blair[Edinburg, IL]; 4. 14-Derek Smith[Decatur, IL]; 5. T22-Curtis Eller[Taylorville, IL]; 6. 7Z-Michael Maestas[Lincoln, IL]; 7. (DNF) 64-Donny Koehler[Macon, IL]; 8. (DNF) 11-Ryan Miller[Lincoln, IL]; 9. (DNF) 9B-Brandon Miller[Broadwell, IL]; 10. (DNF) 33-Bill Berghaus[Chapin, IL]

DIRTcar Pro Mods1. 4T-Guy Taylor[Springfield, IL]; 2. 67-Austin Seets[Brighton, IL]; 3. 3W-BJ Deal[Brownstown, IL]; 4. 10-Adam Rhoades[Clinton, IL]; 5. 24Z-Zach Taylor[Springfield, IL]; 6. 15C-Kevin Crowder[Argenta, IL]; 7. 7-Christian Lee[Sorento, IL]; 8. 12-Dean Holt[Decatur, IL]; 9. 6-Billy Adams[Shelbyville, IL]; 10. (DNF) 78-Maxx Emerson[Taylorville, IL]

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