McMillen Buys Indiana’s First Dragstrip

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It’s no secret that NHRA Top Fuel veteran Terry McMillen has always had interest in owning a dragstrip. A few years ago when he was in the very public process of purchasing Osceola Dragway in Osceola, IN, a lawsuit against the county for rezoning the property put the sale on hold. The owners were eager to sell, and with the uncertainty of the pandemic and how long the lawsuit would last, McMillen gave them the option to sell to a different buyer who didn’t need the land rezoned to purchase. That buyer ultimately turned the land into farmland.
Over the next few years McMillen would check out tracks that were listed for sale, hoping to find one that made sense for the future of his family, but there was always something that made him rule each track out.
They say everything happens for a reason. Recently, McMillen was having a conversation with Mark Cregier, the track owner of Bunker Hill Dragstrip, in Bunker HIll, IN, the track where Cameron McMillen, Terry’s son races his Jr. Dragster. This conversation unexpectedly turned to health issues Cregier had been dealing with and his thoughts about possibly selling the track. It was during that conversation that McMillen realized why the deal with Oseola didn’t go through, and why the other tracks he looked at weren’t the perfect fit for his family. It was because the track meant for his family to own was Bunker Hill Dragstrip.  
In 2021 the McMillen family spent almost every weekend racing there. The racers welcomed them with open arms, and the McMillens were proud to call Bunker Hill, Indiana’s first dragstrip, their home track. This is also the track where Cameron got his first win, that in itself makes it a special place for their family. 
Before they knew it, Cregier and McMillen had put together a deal for the McMillen’s to purchase the track.
“First of all I need to thank Mark for everything he has done at Bunker HIll Dragstrip. He bought the track during the pandemic to save it. He made several much needed updates to the facility and never stopped working on improvements, in fact, just last week the parts for the new track scraper he purchased were delivered. Our plan is to continue with what Mark started.”
The speed in which ownership will change hands feels like the 330 mph that McMillen is used to driving. Starting Friday July 15th, Terry, Cori, & Cameron McMillen will be the new owners/operators of Bunker Hill Dragstrip. Cregier has committed to helping them learn everything they need to know before he walks away. 
“If Mark wouldn’t have agreed to stay and help my family get started, I don’t think we could have done it. We are excited to work beside him and finish this season as a team.”
Ownership may be changing but it will be business as usual at Bunker Hill Dragstrip. Friday’s test and tune gates open at 5:00pm with cars on track at 6:00pm. It is 25 dollars to test and 10 dollars for spectators. Kids 12 and under are free. Saturday is a Summit Super Series points race featuring, Jr’s, Street, Sportsman, Modified, and Top along with the newest class to join the Bunker Hill racing family, Indiana Outlaw Gassers. Spectators are only 10 dollars and kids 12 and under are free.

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