IMSA Welcomes Racing Optics, Inc. as Newest Corporate Partner for Windshield Tear Offs and “Vision to the Front Award”

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The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show is returning to Las Vegas this week for the first time since 2019, and IMSA and Racing Optics, Inc. – the industry leader in multilayer, laminated tear-offs – commemorated the return of the SEMA Show with news that Racing Optics will become an Official Partner of IMSA in 2022.

 Racing Optics offers products ranging from windshield tear-offs used on race cars to the new RO Windshield DefenseTM for use on general consumer vehicles. The company also has significant product lines and business in the medical, industrial, PPE and tactical/military sectors. 

“Racing Optics is a fantastic example of a company using the racetrack to prove and develop a product and adapt it for use by general consumers,” said IMSA President John Doonan. “Joining forces with IMSA provides an opportunity for Racing Optics to align further with our 18 official automotive partners, our IMSA race teams, as well as our fan base of auto enthusiasts, which should be especially beneficial as the new Windshield Defense product is launched.” 

As part of its official partnership, Racing Optics will have branding on the windscreen for all IMSA Prototype Challenge race cars beginning in 2022. In addition, The Racing Optics Vision to the Front Award will debut in 2022 for the IMSA Prototype Challenge team that advances the most positions from start to finish in each race. 

“Racing Optics is excited to extend our Windshield DefenseTM technology to IMSA’s automotive partners and customers worldwide,” said Racing Optics, Inc. President Bart Wilson. “With 20 years of race-proven vision and windscreen protection, in some of the most demanding endurance races in the world, we now welcome the opportunity to protect street vehicle windshields. The partnership also broadens our reach to motorsports fans around the world by providing additional exposure to international races and new tracks.”


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