Tim Brown Wins Historic 11th Championship at Bowman Gray

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The full moon was out Saturday night in the season finale at Bowman Gray, and the results showed how so many drivers were hard-charging for championships. 

That was no more evident than in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified series, which came down to the kings of the quarter-mile track, Tim Brown and Burt Myers. Each 
of them had 10 championships under their belts and were vying for their 11th on Saturday.

But while the points battle raged, Jonathan Brown ended his 2021 on a fitting note. He had previously opened up the season by claiming the checkered in the 
first race of 2021. On Saturday, he then captured the final 2021 win in the season-ending Carolina Farm Credit 150. 

As the Carolina Farm Credit 150 started, Brown held a slim four-point lead over Myers, who had won the previous four championships in a row.

With double points awarded on the final night, Burt Myers needed to finish just two spots ahead of Myers to claim the title. In the early parts of the race, 
Myers was several positions ahead of Brown – while fans eagerly watched to see if Brown could make up the distance. Biding his time, Brown flew forward at the 
end of the race to pass Myers and clinch his 11th Modified title.

“Eleven is a big number,” Tim Brown said. “Ten was special. Catching Ralph Brinkley for eighth was special, nine was special, Ten was special because it was 
double digits. Eleven is awesome because it puts me in a league of my own. Burt’s not tied with me anymore. So they can’t talk about hoow we’re tied. I’ve got 

Tim Brown wanted to soak in what he had just done after persevering through the race season. 

“This race means everything with all they do for me,” he said. “My family, my wife, my kids, all my fans, the race team, the car owner, the sponsors, everybody 
involved deserves this more than I do. I’m the lucky one that gets to hold the steering wheel.”

Not to be outdone, another Brown had a fantastic night in the Modified series. Jonathan Brown had the fastest qualifying lap of the season. He tangled with 
John Holleman, trading the lead back and forth – but eventually claiming the 150-lap race win.

“Obviously, to start off good winning the season-opening 200-lapper, and finally getting my first pole tonight,” said Jonathan Brown about the night. “And now, 
we leave here as winner in the last race, and that’s huge for team morale over the winter. It also helps put sponsors on this race car.”

Myers came up just short of the points title, in part because of an on-track skirmish between himself and Brandon Ward. Myers spun Ward out on lap 107, and 
Ward retaliated. Ward followed Myers around the track and kept ramming his car, which caused some damage to Myers’ #1 machine. 

Myers was in fourth at the time, but slowly dropped back to sixth.

“We’re just racing hard, and I had a great race car,” Myers said. “I’m trying to win the championship. And I know his mentality was, Burt will give me the spot 
because he’s running for the points. You can’t give a man a spot when you’re going door-to-door. And I don’t know if it’s Brandon or his spotter but one of 
them’s got a serious problem not clearing when there’s a guy inside or outside of him.

“I was content behind him and we went in the corner, and he turned sideways, and I bumped him and spun out. Why would I intentionally take a man out when I’m 
trying to win the championship? So, one of these days if he started driving like he had some sense he might know how it feels to be running for a 

Needless to say, Ward had a different perspective than Myers. 

“The way I see it, he’s racing for a championship,” Ward said. “Pretty much he’s in position to win the thing. The way I see it, he was in front of the 83 (Tim 
Brown). We’re racing to win the race and try to get third in the points. He runs over us getting into (turn) 1, basically causes us to cook the rear tires off 
the car. And everything we’d tried to save all night to be in the position we were in.

“So, at that point the car’s sliding around. We let the rear tires up and he tried to wreck us getting into 1. So then he gets down into 3, and he turned us 
around. At that point he took our chance to win the race. I was going to make sure we took his chance to win the championship.”

For Tim Brown, who won three races this season, he had a chance to celebrate with his fans and crew. 

“Having a crew behind you knowing what you’re doing, understanding what you’re doing, having a great race car, knowing the car, knowing what it’s going to do – 
and just knowing that you’ve got to be patient,” Tim Brown said. “You can’t race guys too hard, too early, which will hurt your tires. It just worked out.” 

In the McDowell Heating and Air Sportsman Series, Tommy Neal claimed the crown on Saturday. Neal entered the 40-lap season finale with a 12-point lead over 
Zack Ore – and it came down to the last lap between the two for the championship.

Ore survived eight cautions, but Neal finished fourth to tie Ore’s points total. However, the tiebreaker is most wins – and since Neal won three race to Ore’s 
two victories, the championship belonged to Neal. It was the second championship of his career.

“It feels great, man,” Neal said. “…I’m at a loss for words. I’ve got a lot of great people behind me and that’s what it takes…

“All you’ve got to do is drive it, and that’s what I did tonight.”

It didn’t come easy for either driver. There was a restart on the final caution with four laps left. Ore passed Amber Lynn with four laps left for second, and 
Ore continued until lap 38 when he passed leader Michael Adams (who led most of the race). Ore edged Lynn and then held on for the win.

“We knew we had to come out here and win the race tonight…Hats off to Tommy,” Ore said. “We came up a little bit short of the championship, but this is the 
best season we’ve ever had.”

Neal knew what he had to do to assure that he could win the championship. 

“I congratulate Zack Ore on the win,” he said. “I kept switching levels back in the row a little bit. I usually don’t do that, but the car was a little bit 

There was the Traffic Control Safety Services double-file restart cone on each caution.

“I like to take that cone but I had to show some restraint a little bit,” Neal said. “I take it every time I see it. They (spotters) made the right call. 
That’s what put us here. God willing, that’s how we got here.”

Ore knew that he was going to have to maneuver past Adams and Lynn to win the race – and possibly the championship. 

“I knew that Michael had a good car. I knew in order to win the championship we had to go,” Ore said. “We were running for a championship. We tied. 
Congratulations to Tommy. We’ll come get it next year.”

Not only did Neal, who is 50 years old, win the championship, he also won the Top Gun Award in the Sportsman Series.

“The older you get, the more mature you get,” Neal said. “And the smarter you get. It takes a lot of money to run these cars…It takes a lot of great people, 
and that’s what makes it happen.”

Billy Gregg dominated the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Series, so it was fitting that he swept everything on the final race of the season. Gregg defeated 
Christian Joyce in the 20-lap season finale, and he won the points championship.

Gregg also won the Top Gun Award for most wins in the Street Stock Series. 

And then in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series, Brandon Brendle ended his season on a strong note. Brendle moved past Grayson Keaton to claim the race lead in the 
season-ending 15-lap race – which also won him the 2021 title.

“It feels pretty good,” Brendle said. “I’ve been so close so many times. Just never able to seal the deal. It’s indescribable. It feels good.”

Final Points Standings

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series Points Standings

1    83    Tim Brown    532    84
2    1    Burt Myers    524    80
3    4    Jason Myers    482    76
4    22    Jonathan Brown    476    100
5    65    Danny Bohn    466    96
6    75    Lee Jeffreys    446    60
7    16    Chris Fleming    422    88
8    04    Brandon Ward    418    20
9    69    John Holleman    414    52
10    79    James Civali    380    92
11    5    Randy Butner    346    68
12    53    Joseph Brown    294    40
13    44    Daniel Beeson    278    24
14    3    Danny Propst    270    4
15    17    John Smith    208    0

McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series Points Standings


    21    Tommy Neal    522    88
2    55    Zack Ore    522    100
3    2    Amber Lynn    512    96
4    19    Michael Adams    470    92
5    05    Spencer Martin    460    84
6    92    Kyle Southern    432    48
7    12    Justin Taylor    428    68
8    08    Jacob Creed    405    76
9    03    Sterling Plemmons    397    64
10    31    Chase Robertson    390    80
11    6    Kirk Sheets    374    52
12    38    Mitch Gales    374    44
13    02    Wesley Thompson    349    60
14    68    Robbie Brewer    261    0
15    81    Zack Clifton    222    72

Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series Points Standings

1    98    Billy Gregg    530    100
2    1    Christian Joyce    496    96
3    97    Jeremy Warren    480    92
4    40    Taylor Robbins    462    76
5    02    David Creed    454    80
6    28    Nate Gregg    432    68
7    99    Bryan Sykes    418    84
8    22    Brian Wall    402    60
9    15    Nick Wall    370    88
10    69    Gerald Robinson Jr    318    0
11    91    Austin Harris    298    0
12    13    Kevin Gilbert    254    52
13    00    Donnie Martin    248    0
14    79    Connor Shaw    240    44
15    88    Austin Jones    232    64

Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series Points Standings

1    9    Brandon Brendle    554    100
2    1    Grayson Keaton    542    92
3    90    Robert Strmiska    506    76
4    81    Chuck Wall    506    96
5    46    Wyatt Sapp    460    88
6    27    Austin Cates    436    56
7    31    Kyler Staley    418    72
8    80    Luke Smith    416    0
9    12    Levi Holt    408    60
10    54    Justin Owens    358    48
11    55    Jeremy Smith    330    68
12    69    Brandon Crotts    324    80
13    24    A.J. Sanders    318    0
14    33    DJ Dean    312    64
15    28    Robert Mabe    312    44

Race Results

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
Carolina Farm Credit 150

1    22    Jonathan Brown    Winston-Salem, NC
2    65    Danny Bohn    Mooresville, NC
3    79    James Civali    Davidson, NC
4    16    Chris Fleming    Mount Airy, NC
5    83    Tim Brown    Tobaccoville, NC
6    1    Burt Myers    Kernersville, NC
7    4    Jason Myers    Walnut Cove, NC
8    25    Bobby Labonte    Trinity, NC
9    5    Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
10    7    Dylan Ward    Winston-Salem, NC
11    75    Lee Jeffreys    Wallburg, NC
12    55    Jeremy Gerstner    Wesley Chapel, FL
13    69    John Holleman    Winston-Salem, NC
14    6    Chris Williams    Martinsville, VA
15    05    Kevin Powell    Winston-Salem, NC
16    44    Daniel Beeson    Kernersville, NC
17    77    Susan Harwell    Jonesville, NC
18    15    Brian Loftin    Clemmons, NC
19    88    Clint King    Denton, NC
20    53    Joseph Brown    Winston-Salem, NC
21    04    Brandon Ward    Winston-Salem, NC
22    99    William Smith    Mount Airy, NC
23    24    Andrew Harrah    Charlotte, NC
24    36    Dave Sapienza    Riverhead, NY
25    3    Danny Propst    Monroe, NC
26    68    Junior Miller    Danbury, NC

McDowell Heating 7 Air Sportsman Series
Sportsman Race: 40 laps

1    55    Zack Ore    Lexington, NC
2    2    Amber Lynn    Walkertown, NC
3    19    Michael Adams    Yadkinville, NC
4    21    Tommy Neal    Rural Hall, NC
5    5    Spencer Martin    Wallburg, NC
6    31    Chase Robertson    Winston-Salem, NC
7    08    Jacob Creed    Mt Airy, NC
8    81    Zack Clifton    Walkertown, NC
9    12    Justin Taylor    Kernersville, NC
10    03    Sterling Plemmons    Winston-Salem, NC
11    22    Wesley Thompson    Advance, NC
12    54    Braden Mills    Winston-Salem, NC
13    6    Kirk Sheets    Pfafftown, NC
14    92    Kyle Southern    Rural Hall, NC
15    38    Mitch Gales    Thomasville, NC

Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series
Street Stock Race: 20 laps

1    98    Billy Gregg    Lexington, NC
2    1    Christian Joyce    Trinity, NC
3    97    Jeremy Warren    Winston-Salem, NC
4    15    Nick Wall    Pfafftown, NC
5    99    Bryan Sykes    Winston-Salem, NC
6    02    David Creed    Mount Airy, NC
7    40    Taylor Robbins    Winston-Salem, NC
8    16    Brad Lewis    Winston-Salem, NC
9    28    Nate Gregg    Lexington, NC
10    88    Austin Jones    Clemmons, NC
11    22    Brian Wall    Winston-Salem, NC
12    00    Cale Martin    Winston-Salem, NC
13    13    Kevin Gilbert    Mocksville, NC
14    31    Brandon Butner    Lewisville, NC
15    79    Conner Shaw    Walnut Cove, NC
16    10    Kendell Craig Hartless    Winston-Salem, NC
17    14    Aaron Hylton    Kernersville, NC

Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series
Stadium Stock race: 15 laps

1    9    Brandon Brendle    Tobaccoville, NC
2    81    Chuck Wall    Lexington, NC
3    1    Grayson Keaton    Mocksville, NC
4    46    Wyatt Sapp    Kernersville, NC
5    17    Andy Southern    Lexington, NC
6    69    Brandon Crotts    King, NC
7    90    Robert Strmiska    Lexington, NC
8    31    Kyler Staley    Lexington, NC
9    55    Jeremy Smith    King, NC
10    33    DJ Dean    Thomasville, NC
11    12    Levi Holt    Kernersville, NC
12    27    Austin Cates    Tobaccoville, NC
13    76    Billy Cameron Jr    Salisbury, NC
14    54    Justin Owens    Walnut Cove, NC
15    28    Robert Mabe    Germanton, NC
16    70    Jeffery Burrow    Thomasville, NC
17    7    Joel Stewart    Mocksville, NC
18    23    Blake Spears    Lexington, NC
19    14    Ken Bridges    King, NC

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