Myers and Brown to Start on Front Row in Season Opener at Bowman Gray

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It’s been over 21 months since the last race at Bowman Gray Stadium, but it’s as if nothing has changed in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series. 

Qualifying was held Friday night at Bowman Gray for Saturday’s Hayes Jewelers 200, the first and longest race of the season in the Modified Division. And it turned out 
to be the two winningest drivers in Modified history on the front row for Saturday’s race with Burt Myers on the pole, and Tim Brown next to him on the front row. 

Myers, who is a 10-time Modified champion, qualified at 13.745, 8-thousandths faster than Brown at 13.753.

“I had no idea what (Brown) actually ran,” Myers said. “The 104 (Brandon Ward) was behind me and he cranked his car, so I had no idea what Tim ran. And when I took the 
line and it showed up 74, I said well, ‘We’ll see where that puts us.’

“And they said it was the pole, so I had no idea at the time. I just knew I had to go out and get all I could get. I’ve never been one to really care what everybody 
else did. I’m going to do what I can regardless. But here we are again, me and Tim on the front row.”

Despite not qualifying on the pole Brown wasn’t too upset at his result. 

“It’s a brand-new race car,” he said. “We’ve tested it a few times. That’s the first time we’ve had a qualifying attempt with it. So, it’s different when you put a new 
set of tires on it and do a mock qualifying run – and actually have time to do it.

“The car wasn’t very good qualifying. Still to be second, I just know we’ve got a pretty good hot rod.”

Twenty-four cars qualified Friday night for Saturday’s race, and Brown was the 20th car to take a qualifying lap. Myers followed in 21st. 

Jason Myers, Burt’s brother, qualified third at 13.824, followed by Danny Bohn at 13.843, and John Holleman IV at 13.905. The top-10 qualifiers from Friday night are 
locked into their positions.

Frank Fleming qualified sixth at 13.918, Lee Jeffreys was seventh at 13.939, Randy Butner was eighth at 13.942, James Civali was ninth at 13.945, and John Smith was 
10th at 13.960. Anybody who finished out of the top-10 can choose Saturday night to requalify, but they would still be out of the top-10 regardless of their result. 

“It’s me and the 1 car (Myers) again on the front row, like for the last 25 years,” said Brown, who has won 91 races. “I know it shows that we work hard, and we have 
good equipment. You know, we can get around here.”

Myers, who is tied with Brown for 10 championships and is second in wins behind Brown with 83, has won the last four championships since Brown last won in 2015. Burt 
Myers also gathered his sixth pole for the Hayes Jewelers 200, and if history means anything Burt Myers will win Saturday’s 200-lap race because he won the previous 
five times he started on the the pole.

“I think a day like (Friday) probably comes down to experience, not just necessarily behind the wheel, but the whole package,” Burt Myers said. “You know, we’ve done 
this for so many years — knowing your car, knowing what to expect.

“One-lap qualifying is hard, I don’t care who you are. So, I think that boils down to a lot of it.”

Brown has won the pole for the opening 200-lap race 13 times, but he’s only won it four times.

“With this brand-new car I haven’t found that feel that I want yet,” he said. “Especially to go out there and run second, qualify second the first time out is pretty 
good. And that is just one lap. (Saturday’s) 200 laps, so in the long runs I feel we’ve got a really good car. I know Burt will be hard to beat. Jason, Lee, Civali, all 
these guys will be hard to beat. Those 200-lappers — it’s the Hayes Jewelers 200.”

Burt Myers knows he has his work cut out for him in order to maintain the pole and win Saturday’s race.

“The cream usually rises to the top,” he said. “The bottom line is, is this weekend’s kind of like Daytona. Anybody could win this race with all the strategies, and 
with the laps. The way this race will probably play out tomorrow night — the car count, the track conditions, the heat, the fact that it’s been a year and a half since 
we’ve been over here. If I was a fan I’d the be the first one over here tomorrow night.”

After missing all of last season because of COVID-19, this season was originally scheduled to start April 17. However, that was pushed back until this weekend. 

“(Friday) hasn’t felt any different than if we were starting on April 17,” Burt Myers said. “It’s just we got here and we did our thing. Our hard work paid off 
(Friday). It’s not just me, but this whole group. We came over here with a purpose (Friday) and that was to set on the pole. We’re coming (Saturday) with a purpose and 
that’s to win the race.”

Not to be outdone, Jason Myers (who is tied for 11th in Modified wins with Robert Jeffreys with 33) qualified on the second row with Bohn.

“Hopefully we can finish 1 and 2,” Burt Myers said. “I hope I’m in the front, but if I can’t I hope he is.”

In addition to Saturday’s Hayes Jewelers 200, there is also racing in the three other divisions. The first race will be a 40-lapper for the McDowell Heating & Air 
Sportsman Series, followed by the Hayes Jewelers 200, a 20-lap race for the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series, followed by one or two 15-lap contests for 
the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series.

Gates open at 6 p.m. for Saturday’s races with practice going until 7 p.m. The second round of Modified qualifying will start at 7:10 with the first race starting at 8 
p.m. Ticket prices, directions, and more information can be found online at or by calling (336) 723-1819.

Qualifying Results

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
First Qualifying Session for the Hayes Jewelers 200

1    13.745    1    Burt Myers    Walnut Cove, NC
2    13.753    83    Tim Brown    Tobaccoville, NC
3    13.824    4    Jason Myers    Walnut Cove, NC
4    13.843    65    Danny Bohn    Huntersville, NC
5    13.905    69    John Holleman    Winston-Salem, NC
6    13.918    40    Frank Fleming    Winston-Salem, NC
7    13.939    75    Lee Jeffreys    Wallburg, NC
8    13.942    5    Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
9    13.945    79    James Civali    Davidson, NC
10    13.960    17    John Smith    Mount Airy, NC
11    14.108    44    Daniel Beeson    Kernersville, NC
12    14.115    16    Chris Fleming    Mount Airy, NC
13    14.147    31    Zach Brewer    Winston-Salem, NC
14    14.181    04    Brandon Ward    Winston-Salem, NC
15    14.196    11    Brian Loftin    Winston-Salem, NC
16    14.226    3    Danny Propst    Monroe, NC
17    14.280    6    Chris Williams    Martinsville, VA
18    14.316    53    Andy Jankowiak    Tonawanda. NY
19    14.361    18    Daniel Yates    Lexington, NC
20    14.368    51    Drew Moffitt    Lexington, NC
21    14.383    07    Dennis Holdren    Roanoke, VA
22    14.424    8    Darin Redmon    Walnut Cove, NC
23    14.498    55    Jeremy Gerstner    Wesley Chapel, FL
24    14.700    45    Lee Stimpson    Lewisville, NC

McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series
Qualifying for Opening Night 40-lap race

1    14.893    21    Tommy Neal    Walkertown, NC
2    15.009    19    Michael Adams    Yadkinville, NC
3    15.021    12    Justin Taylor    Kernersville, NC
4    15.022    2    Amber Lynn    Walkertown, NC
5    15.065    08    Jacob Creed    Dobson, NC
6    15.081    05    Spencer Martin    Wallburg, NC
7    15.088    92    Kyle Southern    Rural Hall, NC
8    15.120    31    Chase Robertson    Winston-Salem, NC
9    15.163    55    Zack Ore    Winston-Salem, NC
10    15.290    6    Kirk Sheets    Lexington, NC
11    15.404    68    Robbie Brewer    Winston-Salem, NC
12    15.439    38    Mitch Gales    Thomasville, NC
13    15.450    02    Derek Stoltz    Walkertown, NC
14    15.567    03    Sterling Plemmons    Winston-Salem, NC
15    15.788    54    Braden Mills    Wallburg, NC

Bowman Gray Stadium PR

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