Opening Night 45th Annual Wrisco Industries Winternationals – Presented by Lucas Oil Tonight on MAVTV

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Slipping, sliding, and slide-jobs, that was the name of the game on the opening night of the 45th Annual Wrisco Industries Winternationals – Presented by Lucas Oil from East Bay Raceway Park. All of that action will air tonight at 9 PM EST, with a re-airing at 12 AM EST. 

A competitive battle for the lead existed all throughout the race. The podium finishers had these things to say in Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Victory Lane: “I was hopeful that the track would get slow enough where that our gamble [on tire choice] would pay off”; “It was definitely a technical racetrack tonight”; “It was a like a sheet of ice out there, the steering wheel doesn’t work like it does at most other places.” The broadcast will include driver interviews, in-car cameras, and various technical segments.

The entire 2021 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series TV schedule can be found on the series website at:

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