Front Row Motorsports Connects with AGILE for 2021 NASCAR Season

Front Row Motorsports

 Front Row Motorsports announces today its 2021 partnership with best-in-class interoperable solutions company, AGILE, to provide real-time communication software for use at both the racetrack and the race shop.

AGILE provides interoperable communications solutions that enable public and private organizations to achieve seamless connectivity, even in the most challenging environments. In 2020, the AGILE team had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the communications needs of Front Row Motorsports and worked diligently over the offseason to create a unique communication software that met all of the team’s requirements.

 “The multi-element communications solution provided for Front Row Motorsports will provide higher bandwidth data and more flexible voice communications,” said Sheryar Wahid, co-CEO/Chief Technical Officer for AGILE. 

In 2020, following the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, NASCAR instituted safety protocols and procedures to help stop the coronavirus’ spread and allow the sport to continue its season. One of those mandates, which is still in effect today, is a roster limit, which reduces the number of personnel that a team is allowed to bring to the racetrack each weekend.

“When NASCAR implemented the roster limit rule last season, it was challenging for us to decide who we would continue to bring to the racetrack and who would have to stay home,” said Front Row Motorsports General Manager, Jerry Freeze. “We learned of the folks at AGILE and some of the software that they were working on to provide a two-way radio transmission over the internet and decided to explore that avenue over the offseason.”

Freeze continued by saying, “AGILE’s software was a very effective tool for us recently at Daytona [International Speedway], because it allowed us to keep our engineers back at the shop during the race weekend to work the Daytona 500 from there, which in return allowed us the ability to pretty much make use of our full roster again on race day by taking our full allotment of mechanics back to the racetrack to work on the cars, while still abiding by all safety protocols that have been put in place.”
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