South Boston Speedway Competitors Share Christmas, New Years Wishes

South Boston Speedway

Christmas is right around the corner. So is the end of what has been a truly challenging year for everyone in 2020 and the start of what everyone hopes will be a much brighter and better New Year in 2021.

Some of South Boston Speedway’s competitors have weighed in on their thoughts surrounding the Christmas season and their wishes for the New Year in 2021.

Peyton Sellers of Danville, Virginia, the 2019 South Boston Speedway NASCAR track champion, 2020 Virginia NASCAR champion and 2020 NASCAR national runner-up, said “this has obviously been a challenging year for everybody. No matter what profession you are in you’ve been affected by the current events we are all going through. I think this is a time of the year to reflect on the positives in life and spend some time with family.”

In looking ahead to 2021, Sellers said “I just wish that everybody can get back to normal and we can get back to things that make us happy in life and the things that keep us driven every day. There are a lot of people struggling financially, and a lot of people are struggling from not being able to go and do things right now. A lot of us are driven by the activities we do and the things we do, and not being able to do those things is hard.”

South Boston Speedway 2019 Limited Sportsman Division Champion Danny Willis, Jr. of Cluster Springs, Virginia said his Christmas wish for everyone is that “everybody will find good health and spend all of the time with family and friends that they possibly can.”

Like his Christmas wish for everyone, Willis’ wish for the New Year is simple.

“My wish is that the vaccines for COVID-19 will work for everyone and make it possible for us to lead our normal lives again. My wish is also that we will be able to get back to racing, and that we can race a full season at South Boston Speedway in 2021.”

Kenny Mills Jr. of South Boston, Va., who will be competing as a rookie in the Limited Sportsman Division at South Boston Speedway in 2021, said his Christmas wish for everyone is “nothing you can physically touch – spend time with your family and no worries. That is what I wish everybody could have right now because everything has been so rocky. COVID-19, quarantine, and this and that are affecting people right now physically and mentally. I just wish everybody could come together and enjoy family and friends.”

For his New Year wish to everyone, Mills said “I wish a prosperous year and growing as a family to everybody. You always have to work to make yourself better. I also wish that everybody will be wise and make the right choices in life.” 

Kenny Daniel of Sutherlin, Virginia, who will be entering his second year of competition in the Limited Sportsman Division at South Boston Speedway in 2021, says safety for everyone is his Christmas wish.

“A big gift, if I could give it to everybody in the racing community would be anything dealing with safety,” Daniel pointed out.

“That would also apply to everyone, as we all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Daniel’s wish for everybody in the racing community for 2021 is that “everybody will win one race next season.”

“America’s Hometown Track” will kick off its 2021 season on Saturday, March 20, 2021 with twin races for the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Model Stock Cars, twin races for the track’s Limited Sportsman Division and races for the Pure Stock and Hornets Divisions.

The South Boston Speedway office will close for the Christmas holidays at 12 noon on Friday, December 18 and will re-open on Monday, January 4, 2021.

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