Busch Earns Second Runner-Up Finish of the Week at Darlington Raceway

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Kyle Busch finished second to lead Toyota at the Toyota 200 at Darlington Raceway on Thursday afternoon. 

Toyota Racing Post-Race Recap

NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS)

Darlington Raceway

Race 5 of 33 – 200.8 miles, 147 laps


1st, Chase Briscoe*


3rd, Justin Allgaier*

4th, Austin Cindric*

5th, Noah Gragson*









*non-Toyota driver 


KYLE BUSCH, No. 54 Thank You Heroes/M&M’s Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 2nd

How much fun was the battle on the last lap with Chase Briscoe?

“You always like to come out on the better end of it of course, but the real mission today was thanking our heroes and I appreciate Mars/Wrigley Confectionary and all their associates for the red, white and blue Supra here today with M&M’s on it. It was a lot of fun to be able to give back to our heroes. Had a good showing and put on a little bit of an exciting show there at the end. I knew being on the inside going into one wasn’t good, but he (Chase Briscoe) got such a bad run off of four that I had no choice. I thought about blitzing the outside of three and four, but I knew that he would just go in on the bottom and slide up to the top and plug it for me. I didn’t really know what to do so I just tried what I tried and it wasn’t going to be enough. We weren’t close enough. He was super loose, but I had no way of getting close enough to him anyways. We’ll take second I guess, have no other choice, right? Topped the list or maybe I already did that for the most second-place finishes. I might have beat Mark Martin for second-place finishes so that’s something I guess.”

Were you aware of the situation with Chase Briscoe and his wife losing their baby earlier this week and when you went through that, was racing therapeutic?

“It wasn’t more difficult to get in the seat, it was more difficult with the world still going on around you and we weren’t quite as open about it at that particular time. Nobody really knew what was going on or what we were going through, but had all their own opinions about what was happening and what was going on so that was pretty disrespectful. We’re respecting Chase’s (Briscoe) privacy and everything. My wife, Samantha, actually asked me to reach out and find his phone number so we could reach out to them. We have their contact information and I’m just not sure if Samantha has reached out to her yet in order to talk to her about anything.”

Have you spoken with Chase Elliott and if so, how did that go?

“Yes, Chase (Elliott) and I talked. Went really well. He’s a class act, we’ve all seen that. Conversation overall was good.”

Is traffic at Darlington more difficult with the Xfinity cars?

“Oh yeah, with anything that has lesser downforce on it, less grip, it makes for a really hard time. I ran into the wall twice in the first 25 laps probably just because I was over-driving the car for the race track and the tire and the downforce and the limits that were there compared to the Cup cars. Took me a little bit to kind of get used to that, but once I was able to kind of set in and get a rhythm going, I felt pretty good about it. I hated that we had the pit road speeding penalty. We have lights that are set and these lights are different, they’re a tachometer rather than the dash we have in the Cup cars is through the ECU so I think it’s a little bit better than these tachometers. No excuses, just got busted for speeding unfortunately — .02 over and had to go to the back. Hopefully put on a good show for the fans.”

What happened on the last lap with Chase Briscoe and did you think you had a chance to get by or did you think you were both going into the wall?

“He (Chase Briscoe) got such a bad run through three and four and got really loose on the exit and actually got into the fence a little bit. I had no choice but to go to the bottom and I wish he would have slowed his momentum just a little bit more because then I would have been clear of him and wouldn’t have had to deal with him. He was just enough there and I was probably as much clear as Chase Elliott and I were last night that I thought about getting up and getting in front of him, but I thought better of it and just tried to stay low because I was loose already and then once his forward momentum got to my right side it just got me super loose and drug me up the race track into him. We touched each other just a little bit, I guess he touched the fence just a little bit and we got through there luckily. I thought I was going to have the lead and everything was going to be cool or we were going to be crashed. Fortunately, we weren’t crashed and I didn’t have the lead and we had another shot at it in three and four. Just didn’t have enough.”

Win or lose, is it fun to go through a finish like that?

“Yes and no. If I didn’t have the speeding penalty, I probably wouldn’t have been in that situation anyways, we would have probably been leading on the restart and would have been in Chase’s (Briscoe) position, but he ran a great race. I passed him early on in the race and he ran the typical Darlington and was pretty smart about it. A few of the other guys were running on your door and all that sort of stuff, which Chase did at the end. It’s the last lap, you’ve got to. You have to keep yourself in that position and do all that it takes to get it done. He did a smart thing, did a good job and held onto it and we’re able to talk about the exciting finish of it. Just a little unfortunate that both exciting finishes the Busch brothers have been in here at Darlington, we’ve both come out on the losing end of it. That’s a little disappointing, but we’ll see what happens in the next one.”

How have the weather delays impacted your training schedule as you run all these upcoming races?

“It’s actually taken away from my workout times. I was here on Tuesday in enough time for all the check-in procedures and things like that. That eliminated my ability to workout on Tuesday and then I was stuck here overnight raining and everything. Then all day yesterday, got the Cup race in and then again been here overnight and in the bus the whole time just waiting for the Xfinity Series race today. I’ll go home tonight and chill out, relax and then try to workout tomorrow and then take Saturday off and get ready for the 600 miles on Sunday. I probably missed a day of working out overall and rehydrating. Obviously, I’m a day later on getting my hydration ready for the 600 miles, but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.”

Do you feel you’re in race shape now that you’ve run three races?

“I felt good. We had the race on Sunday and it was a little warmer out and I saw a couple guys get out of the car and kind of sit next to their car and they were pretty wet and kind of hot and overheated maybe a little bit. I felt find. Then last night I had no issues and then today again I had no issues. I’ve got enough cooling and things like that where I feel pretty good and ready to go.”

How do you feel all the procedures have gone through the first three races back for NASCAR?

“I think the procedures and everything have been really smooth, really easy. I compliment and applaud NASCAR as much as possible just on their efforts and the things that they’ve done in order to go through and get us to this point to have us an opportunity to come out here and put on a show for the fans on television. Obviously, we miss having the fans here at the race track although my weekend today and yesterday have probably been a little bit easier without the fans being here, but it’s a great effort by everybody involved to get us to this point. It’s been way smoother than I thought it was going to be and I hope that it continues to be as smooth and seamless as possible for everybody and we can get through a couple months of just getting back with our feet going and getting the show going and then maybe we can get back to a little more normalcy here in I don’t know, say a couple months.”

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