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Joe Gibbs Racing driver Riley Herbst was made available to media at ISM Raceway:

RILEY HERBST, No. 18 IK9 Toyota Supra, Joe Gibbs Racing 

Were you always planning on running the K&N West race here this weekend?

“We were always planning to run the K&N race here, just to get more seat time here at ISM Raceway. It was cool that the Levin family let us use both there numbers to give us some points. It’s cool that the partners of Joe Gibbs Racing and Levin came together.”

Are you glad your NXS announcement has been made?

“A lot of people in the industry have known. I guess we made it present to everyone on Twitter. I’m kind of excited now, we don’t have to worry about it. Everyone has said what they’ve said. We’re just kind of ready to get to Daytona.”

How long have you known you’d run fulltime in the NXS for JGR next year?

“I’ve known for probably since the middle of summer. Me and Harrison (Burton) have known for a while. We kept it close to the chest, everyone at JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing) has kept it close to the chest as well. We announced it last week, and we did each of them week by week, Harrison, Brandon (Jones) and then myself. It’s pretty cool that we all get to run together.”

Are you close with your 2020 NXS teammates?

“I’ve known Brandon (Jones) for a while. Harrison (Burton) as well. I’ve raced with both of them at KBM (Kyle Busch Motorsports). I think we’re really good friends and it’s going to make us a pretty good team as well.”

Do you feel you have the experience needed to compete in the NXS fulltime next year?

“I think so, (my experience) helps me a lot. This ARCA season at Daytona, my throttle cable broke. At Talladega, I finished second then Charlotte I got wrecked while running third. I’ve had some good finishes, I just haven’t had the wins that everyone says I should. I wish I had more trophies to put to my name, but I’m excited for this opportunity and I won’t turn it down.”

Are you excited to work with Dave Rogers as your crew chief next year?

“Man, it’s awesome isn’t it. I am really excited to lean on his experience. That guy has quite the trophy room. I’m excited to learn from him. Honestly, I’m ready to get to Daytona and start working with him.”

What task did Dave Rogers give you for this race?

“He said I’m going to give you some homework for Phoenix already. I said, ‘Alright, let’s get to it.’ I started studying and watched a bunch of film. That’s kind of what the homework was. I completed it and he said, ‘Good job, well done.’ So, hopefully it will pay off in the race.”

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