Chase Briscoe Daytona Accident Quotes


CHASE BRISCOE, No. 98 Ford Performance Mustang – “I feel fine.  I haven’t seen the video, but it honestly didn’t feel like that big of a hit.  NASCAR is doing their part and Stewart-Haas builds really safe race cars, so it’s just unfortunate.  I was honestly having a blast out there.  I felt like I could make moves and drive through the field fairly easy and thought we were gonna have a really good night,  but just got caught up in somebody else’s mess.  That’s part of this place.  Every time you come here you know that’s gonna happen and we were just on the bad end of it tonight.”

STAGE ONE WAS PRETTY INTENSE.  DID THAT SURPRISE YOU?  “After that first caution in the first stage I think we restarted around 15th or 16th and I was able to drive up to fourth or fifth.  We were in the middle for four or five laps straight and it was pretty wild.  I thought we were gonna wreck then.  We missed one by an inch there off of four with John Hunter and whoever else it was, but I wasn’t lucky enough the second time.  We’ll go on to Kentucky.  It isn’t my best race track in the world, but I’m looking forward to it and hopefully we can have a good day.”

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