Simon Pagenaud Wins Indianapolis 500

Photo by Gavin Baker/LAT for Chevy Racing

“I just wanted to celebrate with the fans. I guess it wasn’t very conventional to do it that way. It is hard to believe right now. It was such an intense race. I believe we led most of the race. The car was just just amazing. The handling and aero came out perfectly.   “I just saw myself on TV wearing this thing (wreath). Its just amazing. I’ve worked a lifetime to achieve this. I’m just speechless. I just wanted to share with the fans. You guys are amazing. I wanted to share with you guys on the yard ofI’ bricks. Thank you for your support Indianapolis!  ” I’m just focused on the job. When you have a car like this, and a team like this you just work your way through it. It went perfectly, just like we discussed. No mistakes. Here we are in victory land! We did it!Af “I knew we had the best car. We just had to make the best of every opportunity. Clean air then they said we should try to save a little fuel and that was the key to the race. We saved so much on that one stint so we didn’t cut it too short.  
“This is the best car I’ve ever driven on an oval. This was our time to shine “The red didn’t change anything I don’t think. The caution made us stronger and easier on fuel. It was the event of the race. And we made it work for us. But you know what, we’ve been on the otherside…with cautions in the past that didn’t work for us. Today it was right for us and we did it. “I think we showed how good it was all race. The Menards Chevy was the fastest on-track and best handling car in traffic. But it is not just me, it’s the whole team. Every pit stop they executed perfectly. We did it right today.””I’m so glad I can bring a little happiness to my French countryman. I proud of being French bu I’m also proud of my American friends and family. What a great day.”

Team Chevy PR

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