TYLER REDDICK, NO. 31 TAME THE BEAST CAMARO ZL1 – Finished 9th at Kansas

Photo by Jim Fluharty/HHP for Chevy Racing

THOUGHTS ON THE TODAY’S FINISH?“We are very fortunate to have a lot of cars that were trapped down a lap or two. It honestly saved us from having a pretty unfortunate finish to how good we were at times throughout the race. I think we could have definitely had a little more there with the way the situation played out. From that aspect, it’s disappointing, but a top ten has a lot of positives. It was a lot of fun driving the car. It was a unique opportunity. I always want more. I’ve raced against some of these guys in the Xfinity Series. It’s still a lot of fun to finish in the top ten, but we didn’t come here to run top ten. We can here for the win.”

Inside Track Communications PR

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