ALEX BOWMAN, NO. 88 AXALTA CAMARO ZL1 – Finished 2nd at Kansas

Photo by Harold Hinson/HHP for Chevy Racing

“You have to listen to anyone that’s giving you any information. We had a really good car, I just made bad decisions going through lap traffic on lane choice. They stayed where I needed to run. I should have gone high and I shouldn’t have picked the middle like I did. I just had to lift and let the 2 and the 20 drive right around me. I’m pretty frustrated with myself. There was no way around that, that was a bad mistake on my part. We’ll go home and get them next week.”

 IS IT A GOOD DAY EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE DISAPPOINTED?“It’s absolutely a good day for everyone at Hendrick Motorsports. We all had really competitive cars and we really appreciate everyone’s hard work to continue to build our cars and continue to get better like we have. It was a really good day. My family is from here, so it would have been pretty cool. Probably the two closest times I have been to winning was my hometown and my dad’s hometown, so it’s just frustrating. We will get one soon.”

WHAT DID YOU LEARN?“Just stick to what you know and don’t overthink it. When you’re out there running wide open, it’s all about lane choice.”

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