Photo by Alan Marler/HHP for Chevy Racing

TELL US ABOUT HOW THE RACE PLAYED OUT FOR YOU GUYS? “Yeah, we had the strategy deal where we took two tires and got some Stage points. And then we had to start at the back, and ultimately we were clawing our way back the whole race. We finished behind the 22, and we both started in the back, which was unfortunate. The guys brought a really fast car that was a lot of fun.” 

COMPARE IT HOW IT RACED LAST YEAR VERSUS THIS YEAR“It was really hard to pass. Coming from the back the one time, it took me the whole race to get back there. The 22 and us worked our way back from wherever we were at the end of Stage 2, and then it took another 130 laps to kind of get any farther. That was unfortunate, but he could run the top which is nice.”

 YOU SAID IT WAS HARD TO PASS, IS THAT THE PACKAGE HERE?“I don’t know. It might have just been me, but it was hard to pass anyone on the bottom and really defend significantly on the bottom. I don’t think I passed many guys on the bottom all day, if we were both running bottom/bottom. If they ran up a car length, I could get enough air that I could. But the only passes I made really all day were on top.”

 SEEMED LIKE NOBODY HAD ANYTHING FOR TRUEX ANYWAY“I am not really sure. We were kind of with him at the end of Stage 1 and then got in the back. So, I really don’t know for sure.”

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