Cruz Pedregon Team Report – Gainesville

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Cruz Pedregon and team have been working hard in the shop getting the Snap-on Dodge ready for the 50th anniversary Gatornationals this weekend. “It’s going to be a very special time for the entire NHRA family at this historic track, and we plan to celebrate with a fast car and good runs,” Cruz said. “My family and I have been part of the sport my entire life, and it will be an exciting time for everyone who comes out and watches current NHRA teams and so many of the sport’s legends who’ll be on hand for the weekend.”

Cruz has won the Gatornats before and had a run of years being the number one qualifier, so the team has been back in the shop doing maintenance on the primary car and building a new backup car with an eye on the prize of winning in Gainesville again.

Even though Cruz has been focused on prepping for the weekend ahead, he took some time to formalize plans to donate a percentage of his winnings to the animal rescue organization “A Critter’s Chance.” Cruz has always had a heart for animals and owned dogs most of his life. Watch for more information about the organization on Cruz’s social pages.

On the side of Cruz’s car –

Check out Cruz’s car this week, and you’ll see the name of area Snap-on Nitro Franchisee Jay Rix. Jay is in his 18th year as a Snap-on franchisee after an earlier career as a parts manager in a dealership. He grew up around Snap-on Tools with a Dad who was a mechanic. Jay says he enjoys owning his own business and becoming friends with the customers he’s had for close to two decades. He’ll be here at the track with us this weekend with his wife, daughter and several of his Snap-on customers.

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