Hailie Deegan wants to be more than just the next Danica Patrick

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Hailie Deegan has high ambitions and has made it clear what her intentions are and what goals she is looking to complete along the way.

Currently, she has her eyes on a championship. Only time will tell if she will check that box, but there is no doubt she will be 100% focused on that next goal and will do what she can to make it happen.

Not only is determination a factor but, you also have to have the knowledge and ability to succeed in NASCAR. Hailie has a unique background in dirt racing that has helped her understand and perform in the stock car in a way Danica Patrick was not able to do. 

Below, Yahoo Sports shares a unique story of Hailie’s audition with Bill McAnnally racing as well as Hailie’s response on if she aspires to be the next Danica Patrick.


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