Ragan Goes Fishing in Phoenix with Trident Seafoods

Ragan on Phoenix

“We have Trident Seafoods back on our No. 38 in Phoenix. It’s their second race with us this season, and this time they’re highlighting Wild Alaska Pollock. It’s a really cool paint scheme. I think it’s going to be a fan favorite this weekend.

“I look at Phoenix like a short track. It’s not a short track like Martinsville and Bristol, but it’s a shorter track than others. It definitely has the feel of a short-track race. You use a lot of brakes, and forward drive is important. The field is a little tighter together. As that track has worn out over the last few years, it’s really matured into a great track. Goodyear has been able to bring a little softer tire. It lays down a lot of rubber. So, tires are important. You have a little bit of fall-off now. We definitely have our short-track mindset when we go to Phoenix.

“With the new renovations, we just have to go and figure it out. What Phoenix has done to reward their loyal fans over the years has been good to see. It’s great to see that kind of passion for our sport in the Southwest. I look forward to getting out there and checking out the changes.”

Ragan Phoenix Stats
23 starts, 1 top-10, 1 top-15, 3 top-20s
Best finish: 10th

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