Safety device ends McMillen’s day

While leading in his opening round run in Northern California, a safety shutoff switch deployed and cost Terry McMillen and his AMALIEⓇ Motor Oil XTERMIGATORⓇ team the chance to advance at the Toyota NHRA Nationals.
“It’s just a tough way to lose,” McMillen said. “We feel like we have the new clutch disc combination figured out. We were on a good pass. It ran 2.150 (seconds) to the 330 foot mark. It was a mid to low 70s run. We just can’t afford to stumble right now. We’re all scratching for any points we can get.”
The next stop on the NHRA tour is the Cat Spot NHRA Northern Nationals in Seattle. McMillen was the runner up at that event last year.

Terry McMillen Racing PR/

photo © Cori McMillen