McDowell Aims for Another Top-10 at Daytona

“You go to Daytona thinking, ‘Alright, we’re going to go there and get a car that drives good, and if it drives good, we’ll be fine.’ But this year, there’s a new curveball with the superspeedway package. The cars are on the ground, back ends are all the way down. The cars drove very differently in the 500. So, we’re not really sure what approach to take going into the Fourth of July weekend. It’s been a great race for me in the past – a few top-10 finishes at Daytona. And K-LOVE’s been on for some of those. I’m excited to have K-LOVE Radio on at Daytona and have a great weekend.

“We had good speed in the 500 and ended up with a top-10 finish. We ran up there most of the day. With the new package, we learned that the air worked a little differently. You could get runs, but how you used the runs was really important. It was hard to complete passes. So, you had to pick and choose when you could make a move, and you had to have some help with you. And also, the cars were treacherous to drive. We saw a lot of cars spin out, a lot of guys make mistakes. And, obviously, when that happens, a lot of other cars come with it. The July race always seems a little more tame the first half, because as you start it’s hot and slick. And by the end, it gets wild and crazy. The July race has been better to me as far as results go, so hopefully that will continue.”

McDowell Daytona Stats
14 starts, 1 top-5, 5 top-10s
Best finish: 4th

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