Kasey Kahne – No. 95 Thorne Camaro ZL1 Preview Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona International Speedway

LFR is proud to welcome Thorne as the newest partner of Leavine Family Racing (LFR) for their third primary sponsorship race aboard the No. 95 Chevy this season. Through the partnership, Thorne will provide the team with ongoing diagnostic testing and consultations. Thorne’s tests measure an individual’s unique biomarkers and can uncover specific health insights, which are converted into a personal plan for what to eat, how to exercise, and whether to add nutritional supplements to improve health outcomes and athletic performance. Thorne has similar sports partnerships with 12 U.S. National Teams, including U.S. Soccer, USA Hockey, and USA Triathlon.

·       KAHNE BY THE NUMBERS: In 29 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series career starts at Daytona, Kasey Kahne has an average start of 18.0 and an average finish of 20.0.  He’s completed 4,782 of 5,204 (91.9 percent) career laps and has led for a total of 54 laps.  Kahne has earned two top-five and nine top-10 finishes at the historic 2.5-mile track.

·       RACE INFO: The Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona International Speedway (2.5-mile) begins at 7:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, July 7th. The race will be broadcast live on NBC, Sirius XM Channel 90 and MRN Radio.



Kahne’s Career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Stats at Daytona:

Date                Event:                                                 S          F         Laps                Status

02/15/04          Daytona 500                                       27        41        42/200             Engine

07/03/04          Pepsi 400                                            31        25       160/160           Running

02/20/05          Daytona 500                                       37        22        203/203           Running

07/02/05          Pepsi 400                                            19        16       160/160           Running

02/19/06          Daytona 500                                       27        11        203/203           Running

07/01/06          Pepsi 400                                            38        25       160/160           Running

02/18/07          Daytona 500                                       28        7          202/202           Running

07/07/07          Pepsi 400                                            27        9         160/160           Running

02/17/08          Daytona 500                                       10        7          200/200           Running

07/05/08          Coke Zero 400                                    41        7          162/162           Running

02/15/09          Daytona 500                                       15        29        152/152           Running

07/04/09          Coke Zero 400                                    13        15        160/160           Running

02/14/10          Daytona 500                                       4          30        202/208           Crash

07/03/10          Coke Zero 400                                    20        2         166/166           Running

02/20/11          Daytona 500                                       11        25        199/208           Running

07/02/11          Coke Zero 400                                    13        4          170/170           Running

02/27/12          Daytona 500                                       20        29        189/202           Crash

07/07/12          Coke Zero 400                                    3          7          160/160           Running

02/24/13          Daytona 500                                       6          36        150/200           Running

07/06/13          Coke Zero 400                                    4          32        155/161           Crash

02/23/14          Daytona 500                                       5          31        192/200           Running

07/06/14          Coke Zero 400                                    14        27        97/112             Crash

02/22/15          Daytona 500                                       13        9          203/203           Running

07/05/15          Coke Zero 400                                    10        32        149/161           Running

02/21/16          Daytona 500                                       13        13        200/200           Running

07/02/16          Coke Zero 400                                    18        30        122/161           Running

02/26/17          Daytona 500                                       26        7          200/200           Running

07/01/17          Coke Zero 400                                    4          18        163/163           Running

02/18/18          Daytona 500                                       26        34        101/207           Crash



Kahne’s Career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Stats at Daytona:

                        Races     Wins     Top 5s    Top 10s       Poles

Cumulative        29           0             2              9                0



Kahne’s 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Season Stats:

Starts         Wins        Top-5’s     Top-10’s         Poles        Laps Led            Avg. Start       Avg. Finish

17                0                 0                 0                    0                  13                         25.5                 23.9


Kahne’s Career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Stats:

Starts         Wins        Top-5’s     Top-10’s         Poles        Laps Led            Avg. Start       Avg. Finish

521               18               92              175                 27               4,661                  14.3               17.7



From the Driver’s Seat:

Kasey Kahne: “July in Daytona is always hot, and the handling in the cars will be a big part of this weekend.  You want your car to handle really well there, especially with the ride height rules where the cars are so low now, I think a lot of people will fight loose if you go too extreme with your set-ups.  A focus will be to work on handling in order to be able to run wide-open at all times to be able to have the fast car you need.  Staying out of trouble, while also being able to stay low off of both corners when you’re in the middle of the pack, those are things that teams will work on during practice at Daytona.  With the high temperatures that we face in the summer months, it just always seems to wear on you a little more being in the heat of the cars, but that’s part of racing in the summer months and you learn to deal with the warmer temps.”


From the Pit Box:

Jon Leonard: “Our game plan heading into the weekend at Daytona is to stay out of trouble and finish the race. It might sound simple and rudimentary, but speedway racing is just so unpredictable. If you’re in it at the end, you have a shot to win.  Daytona is such a wild card race, that a small team like us can use to catapult into the Playoffs. Priorities for us and the weekend will be getting the car into a drafting situation during practice. We’ll try and get all the speed we can out of our Thorne Chevy, but we’ll really focus on handling. The July Daytona race is always hot and slick, plus it’s a night race, so it amps up the energy a bit more I feel. You really have to get into a pack in order to understand how your car handles and acts in a race situation, plus its where you start to figure out who’s good, who to work with, and who not to work with. Drafting can also put you in a bit of a dangerous situation in practice, but you have to tread those waters in order to be better for the race.  Avoiding wrecks at Daytona is tough. We’ve ridden around in the back and gotten wrecked, and we’ve stayed up at the front and been caught up in a wreck. Kasey is competitive, and I believe his preference will be just to go out and prove we can run at the front and be as competitive as we can be. The ultimate goal is to win and then get LFR into the postseason.”