Carrick Leads Toyota POWRi Podium Sweep At Lucas Oil Speedway

Tanner Carrick led teammates Logan Seavey and Ryan Robinson across the finish line as the three Keith Kunz Motorsports Toyota drivers swept the podium at the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League Nationals at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri, Saturday night. 
The 16-year-old Carrick led 29 of 30 laps in a dominating performance on the way to his first national midget feature victory. With the triumph, he became the fifth different Toyota driver to win in the first eight POWRi events.

Starting from the outside of row one, Carrick took the lead on lap one as Seavey used the high side of the race track to pass Robinson for second. Seavey would move past Carrick on lap three only to have a caution come out when Holley Hollan flipped in turn four, with the field returning to the standings on the last completed lap, giving the lead back to Carrick.
Carrick maintained the lead after the re-start with Seavey in tow before the field was slowed again for a caution after the eighth lap. Seavey made his move on the restart, using a slide job to take the lead as the two teammates narrowly missed colliding, with Carrick moving back past Seavey, but Petry Motorsports Toyota driver Jerry Coons Jr., took advantage of the situation to jump from third into the lead.
The lead would be short-lived, though, as Carrick moved back around him on lap 10 with Seavey running third, followed by Robinson and teammate Tucker Klaasmeyer in fifth. Seavey used another restart to move past Coons for second, with Robinson also gaining a position into the third spot as Coons was shuffled back.

At that point, Carrick started to pull away, taking an almost three second lead with 10 laps to go as he began to encounter lapped traffic. Nothing was going to stop Carrick’s march, though, as he went on to comfortably take the checkered flag with Seavey finishing second, Robinson in third, while Klaasmeyer made it an all-KKM top four, with Coons making it a Toyota sweep of the top five.
Holly Shelton gave Toyota its sixth top-10 finisher with an eighth-place finish.
Robinson continues to hold down the series point lead with Klaasmeyer in second, Zach Daum in third, Seavey, who won Friday night’s event at Valley Speedway, is fourth and Andrew Felker sits fifth.
The POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League is back in action next weekend with a pair of races in Illinois, with a Friday night feature at Jacksonville Speedway followed by a trip to the Macon Speedway on Saturday.
Lucas Oil Speedway Saturday Toyota Feature Results
Tanner Carrick
Logan Seavey
Ryan Robinson
Tucker Klaasmeyer
Jerry Coons Jr
Holly Shelton
Andrew Felker
Blake Carrick
Sam Johnson
Holley Hollan
Zach Daum
POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League Standings1- Robinson-2170; 2- Klaasmeyer-2140;3- Daum-1780; 4-Seavey-1680; 5- Felker-1490; 6. Miller-1450; 7-Sarff-1390; 8- Neuman-1290; 9- Shelton-127010-T. Carrick-1200
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