Burt Myers Starts on Pole after Close Call in Qualifying

Burt Myers of Walnut Cove will
start at the head of the pack for the biggest race of the year at Bowman
Gray Stadium – but he was a few minutes away from missing his
    Qualifying for the season-opening Hayes Jewelers 200 began on Friday
with an extended period of practice and qualifying for the Brad’s Golf
Cars Modified Series. After a full day of practice for all divisions,
the Modifieds have a window of time from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM in which
they must qualify.
    The competitors can choose any time in that window to make a qualifying
attempt, but the cutoff is at 7:00. If a car isn’t on the track at 7:00,
they miss their chance to qualify on Friday. Although competitors have
the option to qualify on Saturday, the top 10 positions are locked in
based on Friday’s session. In short: if you don’t qualify on Friday,
you’ll be starting 11th at best.
    Yet drivers don’t want to qualify too early in their window. “The
longer you wait, the cooler the track gets – so the faster it will be,”
said Burt Myers. And waiting is exactly what the Modifieds did. With the
clock ticking, no competitor had taken a qualifying attempt until there
were less than 20 minutes left.
    “This was the weirdest I’ve ever seen qualifying over here,” said Myers
about the waiting game. “We were sitting here and there was 18 minutes
to go – 18 cars here and nobody had gone. I just knew it was going to be
a scramble.”
    Rather than take his chances and wait some more, Myers just pulled the
trigger. “I said that there was going to be a lot of guys that don’t get
to qualify tonight. I usually try to wait as long as I can, but me and
Jason decided we’d just go together and go now.”
    Myers was the fifth car to pull out on the track. He ran a time of
13.124, far ahead of the four qualifiers before him. Tim Brown of
Tobaccoville, however, timed it perfectly – driving off the scales at
the ideal time of exactly 7:00. The #83 came close but couldn’t beat
Myers, qualifying second with a time of 13.168.
Only nine competitors made a qualifying attempt on Friday night, while
nine competitors missed the cutoff. They will have the option of
qualifying on Saturday, but the top nine starting positions are locked
in based on Friday’s results.
Myers will start on the pole with Brown starting beside him. Brandon
Ward of Winston-Salem starts in third, and Bobby Measmer of Concord
starts fourth.
    Derek Stoltz of Walkertown was the fastest qualifier for the Texas
Steak & Tap House Sportsman Series with a time of 14.653.
Gates open at 6:00 for practice, the second round of qualifying begins
at 7:10, and the first race begins at 8:00 PM on Saturday night, April
21. Ticket prices, directions, and more information can be found online
at www.bowmangrayracing.com or by calling (336) 723-1819.
Qualifying Results
Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
First Qualifying Session for the Hayes Jewelers 200
1    13.124    1    Burt Myers    Walnut Cove, NC
2    13.168    83    Tim Brown    Tobaccoville, NC
3    13.203    04    Brandon Ward    Winston-Salem, NC
4    13.411    14    Bobby Measmer Jr.    Concord, NC
5    13.419    5    Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
6    13.429    4    Jason Myers    Walnut Cove, NC
7    13.442    75    Lee Jeffreys    Wallburg, NC
8    13.550    79    George Brunnhoelzl III    Mooresville, NC
9    13.560    92    Brody Jones    Statesville, NC
Texas Steak & Tap House Sportsman Series
Qualifying for Opening Night 40-lap race
1    14.653    02    Derek Stoltz    Walkertown, NC
2    14.679    19    Michael Adams    Yadkinville, NC
3    14.704    70    Noah Triplett    Lexington, NC
4    14.801    4    John Holleman    Winston-Salem, NC
5    14.843    55    Zack Ore    Winston-Salem, NC
6    14.893    68    Robbie Brewer    Winston-Salem, NC
7    14.928    21    Tommy Neal    Walkertown, NC
8    14.938    2    Andrew Durham    Winston-Salem, NC
9    14.996    05    Tony Black    Lexington, NC
10    15.019    07    Kevin Neal    Walkertown, NC
11    15.106    18    Kenny Bost    Winston-Salem, NC
12    15.113    86    Taylor Branch    Lewisville, NC
13    15.147    38    Mitch Gales    Thomasville,NC
14    15.166    92    Kyle Southern    Rural Hall, NC
15    15.437    12    Justin Taylor    Kernersville, NC
16    15.578    01    Amber Lynn    Walkertown, NC
17    15.690    25    Matt Bodenheimer    Wallburg, NC
18    15.701    3    Jeff Garrison    Arcadia, NC
19    16.004    62    Bubba Tilley    Mount Airy, NC
20    16.213    30    Tanner Tilley    Mount Airy, NC
Legendary Bowman Gray Stadium is NASCAR’s longest running weekly race
track. Known as “The Home of the Hot Modifieds,” Bowman Gray continues
its 70-year tradition of providing exciting racing action at family
friendly prices.
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