Ragan – Richmond Is the Superspeedway of Short Tracks

“Richmond is almost like the superspeedway of short tracks. Handling is very important, but it’s got that long, sweeping front straightaway. Forward drive is so critical to get off of Turn 4, so you can get the power down and carry a lot of speed into Turn 1. I think that’s a great passing zone off of Turn 4 and getting into Turn 1. So, Richmond is one of my favorite tracks.

“I’ve always enjoyed going up there. It’s a great racetrack on our circuit, and the Saturday night shows as we get into the summer months are always a lot of fun. I’ve traditionally raced pretty well there, and our Front Row Motorsports team has shown some speed there, so we’re looking forward to getting there with our MDS Ford.”

Ragan Richmond Stats
22 starts, 3 top-5s, 3 top-10s
Best finish: 3rd

Front Row Motorsports PR/Photo Robert Laberge/Getty Images

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